And the little star said, “Why me what makes me so special?”

And the angel answered, “but that is your journey, I cannot answer that for you, you must find the answer to that all on your own.”

And so it began...              Our story, Sharilynn

Medical Manual therapy has been Sharilynn's passion since 2005. Its unique alternative of getting to the origin to relieve pain and increase wellness.

My most recent acqusition is that of Lymphatic Massage & Reiki Master.

Finding new ways of pain relief has been my hobby, bringing in the techniques listed. Previous, I've worn many hats to include full time single mom, truck driver and retail management.

In my home I have created a sacred space for healing. It is a place where you start healing from the inside out.  Sharmagé combines techniques to suit your needs to your time and space to Peel Pain Away from its origin one layer at a time.  For me there is no higher honor than being part of playing a small role in people's lives by helping them become pain free.

It is with my deepest gratitude to Spirit that you have found us on your journey so we may be honored to assist with your healing process.

Everything happens with synchronicity.