Craniosacral Therapy (CST)

 Orthopedic technique using ultra light touch to physically remove restrictions within the Dura. Somato Emotional Release, secondary to CST uses your Inner Physician and Visualations to release recurring pain restrictions in cellular memory.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

 Orthopedic technique using  ultra light touch with mapping to enhance the lymphatic system and increasing overall functionality of body systems.


 'Source' ennergies using hands-on or hands-off techniques to promote healing of physical and emotional pain.

Medical Manual Therapy

 Orthopedic technique combining stretching and effeulage of muscles at its attachment points to assist removing pain from its origin.

Medical Tuina

 Fingertip pressure and vibrating of acupressure points to release nerve blockages and clear meridians to enhance Chi.

Hands & Feet Massage

 Orthopedic technique using varying fingertip pressures combined with shearing to loosen joints and releive compression pain.

Swedish Massage

 Smooth & firm effluerage to increase overall body circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage

 Heavy pressure and stretching of muscle.


The art of Combining any or all of these techniques to the need of the individual in their moment of time and space.

Fix Me = Sharmagé™         $150/Session

Feel  the Water = LDT       $120/Session

Reboot = CST                         $120/Session

Reiki                                         $120/Session

Basics                                       $70/hour


         Session length 60-120 minutes